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Meme game 2 strong

“Heeeeey~ It’s that lovable blonde from the Vocaloids~ You know me, ya love me, it’s Len Kagamine~ Don’t play. I know you love me so it’s okay to act a little tsun~ I don’t bite so don’t be shy to ask me things~”

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Donation box is set up! Please if you send me an email DON'T MENTION THIS ASKBLOG because my parents are the ones in control and they don't know about Troll.))
  Anonymous: sHIT I MENT ((8*5) / 10) *4

I see you

  Anonymous: 8 x 5 / 10 x 4

I can confirm I am 1 years old.


  bluberrygirlofcats: I know Than is about 16 or 18 years old due to the fact of the school uniform and judging the how you act to I think your 16 or 18

I say you can think whatever age you want of me, but 1009828377310101000000006645454557877777710100101010181818818188181877636736 years and 5 days old is the closest to my actual age.

I will be married for 3 days to the first person in my askbox who says “Honey, I’m home”

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actual #1 Spouse 

T-t-thank you…//// You look very nice yourself…//

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  Anonymous: I know what your age is! You are 1009828377310101000000006645454557877777710100101010181818818188181877636736 years and 5 days old ;) right? You say what I think is right. You old dino

That is true. I am an old fart.

  y2james: 10 years old?

I can confirm that Than is 10 years old.

Than is literally the age you think Than is. And if you think it right then yes.

Than is that age.

  Anonymous: Mod, whats your age?

Jesus years old


Ask box is open ((sorry haven’t drawn Gakupo yet))

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