RINVASION!!! Troll len + rin
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Rin visits for a week!

“Heeeeey~ It’s that lovable blonde from the Vocaloids~ You know me, ya love me, it’s Len Kagamine~ Don’t play. I know you love me so it’s okay to act a little tsun~ I don’t bite so don’t be shy to ask me things~”

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Donation box is set up! Please if you send me an email DON'T MENTION THIS ASKBLOG because my parents are the ones in control and they don't know about Troll.))

Thanks for visiting Shoujo Town where the sparkles never die yall. I streamed this because i wanted to bedazzle yall dashboard.  I also drew the mods of some cool ass askblogs and I bet yall can’t guess who I im B)))

Thanks for coming!!

  askkagalpacas: can you show us what you look like in one of your letterman jackets?? we bet you'd look really cool!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


  Anonymous: Your famous for your memes

Yeah, is you mad tho?

  ask--neru: Can i borrow your jacket i need to clean the internet

  ask-chibi-len-rin-kagamine: *w* Can we have a hug too? *w*



  askvmeiko: you wanna drink lil dude?

  asktoetotheshy: Wanna do something simple? Say replacing Kaito's vanilla ice-cream with frozen mayonnaise?

the irony in your name is incredible

  Anonymous: Rin, you're so pretty! Does Len ever get jealous of your looks?

  askonii-sanmikuo: Hello Troll! -hugs- It nice to see you again! -notices Rin- Hello Rin-chan! Are you both living together now???

For I must watch over my incompetent little brother

  Anonymous: what does your art look like with a mouse?

Like shit