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Meme game 2 strong

“Heeeeey~ It’s that lovable blonde from the Vocaloids~ You know me, ya love me, it’s Len Kagamine~ Don’t play. I know you love me so it’s okay to act a little tsun~ I don’t bite so don’t be shy to ask me things~”

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There are countries in my askbox.

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  Anonymous: are u a mahou shoujo


  co11in: I'm going eat this banana , to bad troll was not here


  askoliviaquestions: what's up, nerd

can’t be the armrest i am currently resting on.

  askmegpoidgumi-vocaloid: The sent of human flesh is overwhelming my tastebuds, You look so deliceous! *blushes* ~Ghoul Gumi



  ask-neko-zero: aye holla at a player!! Anyways how are you?

not feeling hella right now, honestly

  Anonymous: How long have you had that jacket?

its my summer jacket now. It’s comfty too.

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Just woke up B)

  Anonymous: Omg. Troll looks like a dick. No wait. It is a banana


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